WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- She was blindsided by life but she fought back by hopping on two wheels and hitting the highway. Linda Crill is a breast cancer survivor helping others to cope with the disease and life's unexpected happenings. Crill is doing that with her new book "Blind Curves ."

You may recognize Linda because a year ago in March she was a Buddy Check 9 profile who was riding a motorcycle.

Her book didn't start out to be aboutLinda's breast cancer. It was about herhusband, his cancer, the business they worked together to build andlosing that.

Linda told us, "I didn't want to write a recovery book but I wanted to talk so many times after we go through the unwanted, unknown, unexpected, we get to that place where we're trying to move forward in life and nothing feels right. I followed all the traditional advice. I overachieved that, in fact, but it didn't work. So finally,I said ... I'm going to do the most opposite thing I can think of becauseI need to get life moving forward andI threatened to ride a motorcycle."

Linda had never ridden a motorcycle before but she signed up for a 2,500 mile ride.

"Afriend of mine whenI told him sarcastically thatI would threaten to ride a motorcycle, he said, 'don't you knowI organize trips? We're business executives for doctors, lawyers and we need you to be on the next trip.' And I'm going 'no, no, no.' Like a lot of us do. 'That's not me. I'm a road biker. I'm a greeny.I don't do motorcycles," recalled Linda.

But she did, and guess what?

"I loved it. When you're on a bike you smell, you taste and you feel the air around you. It's a unique high. But you also have to be very careful and have to learn how to do it well," said Linda.

As far as what people should take away from the book, Linda said, "Sometimes we try to use what we already know. Many times we have to open up the door that says 'not me.' We have to go out and keep trying new things. When life here isn't working, you go around the 'blind curve' because you hope what's on the other side is different and hopefully better. If you do enough blind curves, you end up with a wide variety of opportunities to open up life."

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