WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- The state health departments in Maryland, DCand Virginia think there's still adequate supply of flu vaccines. But there are plenty of spot shortages.

We've been saying you need to go out and get your flu shot ASAP -- and now there are even more reasons to get a move on.

The country's biggest manufacturer of flu vaccine says it has already sold out of some formulations -- and it's ramping up next year's vaccine, so it cannot produce anymore of this year's.

Across the country, 128-million doses of vaccine have already gone out -- about 95 percent of what they were planning to make this year.

People all around the region are worried about catching the nasty bug. Providers are reporting a big surge in demand for flu shots.

Safeway says it has plenty of vaccine on hand. Giant says it has a big warehouse in Baltimore and has just put in an order for more doses.

But when you start calling individual stores, you can run into problems.

The CVS downtown on 8th Street says it's out of flu shots, but hopes to get more in Friday. The Rite Aid on Mass Ave says it just got more in, but at last check, there was a long wait. The Giant on Arlington Rd in Bethesda says come on in, they have plenty on hand.

But Metropolitan Pediatrics in North Bethesda says its out and can't get any more. And the Walgreens on Wilson Blvd in Arlington is out of stock and can only hope to get more in soon.

If you call around, you can find it. But it really pays to call around -- and soon.

And there are also shortages of the one drug that can slow down the flu once you're sick: Tamiflu, in the liquid children's formulation. There are delays in manufacturing it.

A spokeswoman for the company that makes it says you can dissolve the capsule formulation in something sweet like chocolate milk and give that to your kid instead.

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