ADELPHI, Md. (WUSA9) -- Students at Mother Jones Elementary in Adelphi, Md. are looking for every living thing they can find.

As they work on their environmental science project, their search begins just steps from the back door of their school.

Salena Garber North Bay Educational Center helped them find a stream right on school property that now doubles as an outdoor science lab.

"So what we're going to do is the girls are going to do the stream assessment first for 20 minutes and the boys are going to go over to the vernal pools and assess there for 20 minutes and then we are going to flip flop," said Garber.

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Students test the stream for oxygen and nitrogen levels to see what kind of animals can survive there.

4th grader Karla Castillo loves the project: "We needed to do that to check how polluted the water is."

What better way to become a scientist than to do what they do, says lead teacher Karen Riley Jeffers.

"As they've been going through this they've been going through the research process, starting with a problem and coming up with a hypothesis and they came out and collected real data," said Jeffers.

In addition to giving the students a science lesson, North Bay Educators will be showing the teachers at Mother Jones Elementary how to weave these lessons into their curriculum in years to come as well.

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