WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Four firefighters are being investigated for an alleged sexual assault of a female firefighter at a DC firehouse, officials say.

The firehouse where the alleged incident occurred at Engine #1 which is located on the 2200 block of M Street, N.W. Two firefighters and two supervisors have been placed on administrative duties. The female firefighter is from the same unit as the four that are being investigated, officials say.

D.C. Police say that a report for a misdemeanor sex abuse at 2200 M Street NW was filed on May 31. The incident occurred around midnight.

The police report shows that the accuser reported that "she was asleep at the Firehouse when she felt someone touched her inner thigh."

In a statement from the President of the DC Fire Fighters Association, Edward C. Smith said, "We are watching this situation closely and are concerned anytime there are such allegations. Local 36 represents all of the firefighters and urges the department to conduct a thorough investigation in a timely manner that is fair to all."

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