HILLCREST HEIGHTS, Md. (WUSA) -- Prince George's County Police say they have arrested a man for a fatal shooting at a gas station.

Police say they have arrested 34-year-old Duane Lamar Williams of Southeast Washington.

According to police, the Williams approached the victim, 27 year-old Eric Eugene Walker of Baltimore,while he was pumping gas on the corner of Branch ave. and Colebrook Dr. in the Hillcrest Heights neighborhood.

Authorities say Walker tried to run away by bolting across Branch Avenue, but he was gunned down.

Police say another person was in Walker's car at the time: an off-duty Metropolitan Police Department officer. He got out and identified himself as a police officer. He attempted to make an arrest, say police. Williams then reportedly pointed his gun at the man and attempted to fire, but the gun did not go off, according to police.

When police officers arrived they found the Walker with gun shot wounds, say police. He was taken to the hospital where he died.

Officers reported that they found Williams nearby. Officers noted his erratic behavior and believed he might be high on PCP. They used Tasers on him multiple times but it seemed that it did not have an effect on Williams, say police. That is a common occurrence when someone is under the influence of PCP, according to police.

The officers were able to take him into custody and recover the gun.

Williams is charged with first and second degree murder and related charges.

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