WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA9) -- Returning college students from across the city are struggling to get thousands of dollars of stuff back from a troubled summer storage company.

The students paid hundreds of dollars to a company called Store4Summer to keep their stuff over the break.

But many of them now cannot get the company to return their treasures.

Relieved George Washington University senior Tom Barry finally got his 24 boxes back Wednesday morning. He'd spent five days hunting down Store4Summer's owner. At one point went to an address the company listed on the GW campus. I really got worried when I went over there and the security guard said, 'Oh you got scammed. You better file a police report."

Store4Summer's Facebook page is littered with angry messages. From Reagan Henderson: "I'm pretty desperate at this point. What do you need from me to return my things. I'll do just about anything at this point." And from Kristen Neff: "Has anyone spoken to a live person? Can anyone post phone numbers and email addresses of an actual responsible person?"

The company has a fairly slick YouTube ad... but it's only response on Facebook is "We understand there have been some issues with people's deliveries. We are aware of the issues and working through them quickly now."

Tom Barry finally got a hold of the owner and convinced him to let him look for his stuff in the company's warehouse in Alexandria. "I also saw stuff from GW, Georgetown, Howard, all sorts of labels. So I'm sure there are tons of kids out their missing their stuff."

Barry says the inside of the warehouse is a mess...

It may be sometime before the students get back to normal.

A spokesman for GW says the university does NOT have any kind of contract with Store4Summer. But he says school staff members are doing their best to help students get their belongings back.

Several people who are still waiting have complained to DC Consumer and Regulatory Affairs -- but they say the investigator there is having a hard time because the company does not seem to have a fixed address.

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