HYATTSVILLE, Md., (WUSA9) -- "It was dangerous. The limbs were falling. They were falling everywhere. It coulda hit my car," Lucy Wimbush says.

Instead, the weakened arms of a tree near Wimbush's home toppled onto her husband's car and cracked the windshield. Mrs. Wimbush spent two years on the phone trying to warn Prince George's County about a rotting tree.

Finally, she emailed us. And, in two hours, someone from the county arrived to take it down.

"I say, wow, you know. What's going on? And he said, We're here to do this tree," says the Hyattsville homeowner.

Mrs. Wimbush says she won't wait that long again to get help with a pressing issue. And, she's got a message for you, too.

"If they don't come and do anything about it, and it's damaging your property, call WUSA Channel 9 Call For Action. And, they will get you results. And, I am proof of it, here it is," says Lucy Wimbush.

We're happy to see Mrs. Wimbush smiling again.

If you've got a consumer issue that needs help, contact our WUSA 9 Call For Action team.

File a complaint online 24 hours a day, just click here. Or call the hot line at 301-652-HELP. (4357)

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