FAIRFAX, Va, (WUSA9) -- "When Howard says when the sunrises, I'm aware of when I have to have my lights on," says Al Snow.

The sun was just about the peak when Snow was driving to work and he noticed sirens behind him.

"The policeman tells me, 'your headlights are not on.' I say it's light outside. It's exactly like it is now. And he says the law requires you to have your headlights on 30 minutes before sunrise and 30 minutes after sunrise," he says.

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It's in the long list of traffic infractions in Fairfax, County. Failure to display headlights at night or during time of poor visibility. And the fine, with processing fees, is a whopping $92.

WUSA 9 Anchor and consumer correspondent Lesli Foster asks, "So, did you learn about this in driver's ed?"

"They sure didn't teach that behind the wheel," Al Snow says.

While you're in Fairfax County, make sure you come to a full stop before you turn on a red light. If you get caught on rolling through that's a $25.

Virginia Traffic Infractions and Uniform Fine Schedule

Virginia DMV Point System

And, here's another potential gotcha. When you pull off from the curb put your turn signal on. If you skip that step and get caught, that's another painful $250 ticket.

In Montgomery County, Maryland if you leave your car running and you're not in it, that could be a $70 fine. Or, if you're driving with ear buds in both ears, that's a $60 fine. You already know that you can't read, write or text while driving, that's a $70 fine.

But, did you know that if you drive too slow in some places or your windshield wipers aren't working, those are $70 fines.

Montgomery County Residential Parking

Montgomery County Accessible Parking

"You almost have to carry around a code book in order to understand all the possible ways you can get a ticket," says John Townsend with AAA Mid-Atlantic.

He walked us through some of the little known ways to snag a citation in the District of Columbia.

So, you can get a ticket for failing to parallel park properly. Or not being within 25 feet of a stop sign. Or not turning the car wheels towards the curb.

John Townsend believes that that particular violation is "antiquated and archaic and harkens back to the day when the average car on the road was a standard shift."

MPD Moving, Parking, Hacking Violations

So, what's a driver to do? You can start by being a proactive driver where ever you live. Luckily, Al only got a warning for not having his unknown headlight fraction.

Snow says, "It's not really spelled out. And, you're doing a public service by explaining that this is something you can be written up for."

And, if you think some people aren't paying attention to these little know violations, think again. Prince George's resident Hollis Sykes took pictures and sent WUSA 9 a letter. He says he wrote to the police about people who were parked within five feet of his driveway or on his street for more than 72 hours. That's the law in New Carrollton.

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