ALEXANDRIA, Va. (WUSA9) -- "The sushi place", a new sushi restaurant in the Del Ray neighborhood of Alexandria, made headlines a few months ago following the announcement that the restaurant would be a no-kid establishment.

Now, a week following their grand opening its owners are reporting their controversial policy is a hit among locals.

Co-owner Bill Blackburn said, "We by no means hate children or think they don't belong in restaurants. They just don't belong in this particular one."

The idea, he says, was born whenhe and his business partner realized every other restaurant along Mount Vernon Street in Del Ray was packed with children. He tells us they wanted to offer grown up customers another option free of stresses from being around children.

After a week of being opened, Blackburn said business is great and they have a packed house every night of the week proving adults did in fact want a kid-free place to dine and drink.

He added, "We have received great feedback, both on the food and the no-kids policy."

One family who tried to be seated while we were there was turned away because they hadthree infants with them. The children's mother who didn't give her name told us, "I understand why they would do that. It's not that big of a deal."

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