Alexandria, Va. (WUSA9) -- It's a policy that's been compared to "apartheid" by some angry parents, but well known Alexandria restaurateur Mike Anderson is standing by his plan for a "no kids" sushi restaurant in the Del Ray section of town to open in May.

"It's not like were saying we hate kids, we don't want kids," Anderson told WUSA9. "I love kids. I have three great girls. But you have to find a niche."

That niche is a small upscale sushi spot in at 2312 Mt. Vernon Ave. in the family friendly Del Ray section of town that will not allow patrons under 18.

The controversy exploded on the Del Ray Patch website with at least 112 comments logged in 14 hours.

Some promised not to patronize any of Anderson's other restaurants that do welcome kids including Holy Cow and Pork Barrel which sandwich the sushi restaurant now under construction.

Others, including some mothers celebrated. "You do go out without kids, your not with them all the time," said one mom. "Quite honestly if you're paying $15 an hour for someone to watch your kids you don't want to listen to someone else's. I think its a really great idea."

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