WASHINGTON (AP/WUSA) - Singer Chris Brown returned to court for a status hearing in a case in which he's accused of hitting a man outside a Washington, D.C., hotel.

The singer rejected a simple assault plea offered by the prosecution.

WUSA9's Bruce Leshan is at the courthouse, where there's a heavy presence of U.S. Marshals. Security guards for Chris Brown were reportedly shoving aside anyone in the singer's path.

The R&B singer was arrested in October after a man said the singer hit him outside the W Hotel. Brown and his bodyguard each face a misdemeanor assault charge.

At the time of the alleged assault, the Grammy winner was on probation in California for a 2009 attack on singer Rihanna, his then-girlfriend. As a result of the charge in Washington, a judge revoked Brown's probation in California, but the ruling didn't alter a requirement that Brown complete rehab and community service including roadside cleanup and graffiti removal.

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