WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Washington Animal Rescue League has its first Pet of the Week for 2014.

Meet Chalupa. This sweet cocker spaniel mix is cute as a button with a personality to match.

She loves people. Her tail wags eagerly when she meets someone new. She enjoys the company of other dogs.

Chalupa arrived at the Washington Animal Rescue League with a benign mammary tumor, which has since been removed, says WARL.

At the mature age of 7 years, Chalupa qualifies for theBoomers' Buddies program, which means her adoption fee will be waived for adopters age 50 or older. Like most baby boomers, she's got a couple of age-related complaints, including a low-grade heart murmur and mild cataracts, neither of which interfere with her activities or quality of life.

So if you're looking for a small, loving canine companion who's past all the craziness of puppyhood but still has lots of energy and enthusiasm, stop by the League and meet Chalupa. She'll climb into your lap for a quick kiss and cuddle if you do.

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