FAIRFAX, Va. (WUSA9) --The forecast is so cold, some school districts are already announcing closures... and we could hear from many more soon.

Prince William County, Loudoun County, and Stafford County Schools in Virginia all already announced they're closing for students and teachers Tuesday... and Garrett and Allegany County Schools in Western Maryland are closing too.Prince George's is opening two hours late. But DC says it's opening on time.

By the time the kids are slated to head to school, it could be down in the single digits with bone chilling winds.

"I can't believe it," says Fairfax County mom Megan David, snuggling close her daughter Nelli, 3. "I'm a little worried because we walk to school usually. So we're going to have to bundle up. And we'll probably drive tomorrow."

"I'm really concerned," says Fairfax County Schools Chief Operating Officer Jeff Platenberg. He is the guy who decides if the nearly 200-thousand students in Fairfax, the region's largest school district, would be safer staying home.

Platenberg says it's "more than likely" he will close the schools if the forecasts stay on track. "I'm going to try and make that (decision) so parents can plan this evening. And if I'm going to make that call, it's probably going to be before 7 o'clock, maybe 8 o'clock this evening."

The biggest concern is frost bite or frost nip for children waiting for the bus... and the concern is even for the tens of thousands of students who walk as far as a mile or more to school.

Then there are the buses themselves. If it gets cold enough, fuel lines can freeze up.

And maintenance workers will be closely watching schools with older heating systems, and systems that break down more frequently.

"I plan on having my kid covered up so all you can see is his eyes," says mom Alice Edwards. "I'm driving, go in late, cause that's more important." And if they call school, cancel it? "I'll be so excited, and I know he'll be excited too."

In Minnesota, the governor closed schools statewide. But it's a whole lot colder there -- minus 20 and lower in Minneapolis.

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