WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- When the government in Minnesota is telling folks to stay in indoors, canceling school and work, even outdoor activities like skiing, you know there's an unusual arctic blast blowing through the whole country. In fact, after dealing with snow and cold temperatures, we here in theDC metro regioncan expect record cold Tuesday, the coldest we've seen in 20 years.

The cold snap moving through the area has led to canceled flights at the region's airports, including 75 at Reagan and33 at Dulles at last check.

This weather is dangerous to any exposed skin so layering is absolutely necessary Tuesday. If you have to be out, you want to make sure that you are layered up.

The experts at Hudson Trail Outfitters says your first layer of clothing shouldnot becotton because it tends to let moisture in. They recommend a thin space layer made with 100% merino wool. For your warm layer, wear anything that is not cotton. Options include fleece. On top of that fleece, put on a heavy parka or other coat and a hat and gloves. Stick to synthetic fibers to keep you warm as we're heading through this cold snap.

Of course, hypothermia is a very serious concern. This weather can be dangerous and deadly forpeople who are outside exposed to the weather in the elements for a long period of time so we know homeless advocates in the District will be heading to our neighbors living on the streets and hopefully encouraging them to get inside to a shelter.

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