NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. (WUSA9) --Christmas is almost here and one of the must-see holiday spots is at the Gaylord Convention Center - 15,000 square feet of holiday-themed ice sculptures.

But, first here's a rap by WUSA9's Debra Alfarone, inspired by the ICE!exhibit.

All right stop, collaborate and listen.
ICE! is back at the Gaylord Convention.
Santa and reindeer grab a hold of your eyes tightly.
Flow of people in blue coats daily and nightly.
Will it ever stop? Yo - after the new year.
Hop on the ice slide and don't have no fear.
The Christmas tree is tall - it's all ice and insane.
You can even visit New York without getting on a plane.
Ice, ice, baby.

It's 15,000 square feet of colorful and lighted ice sculptures. Jennifer Cerasani of the Resort and Convention Center says the event is a huge success, "This year it's ''Twas the Night Before Christmas' and what you see now took about 30 days to carve. We brought in 34 artisans from Harbing, China."

The tent is kept at a cool 9 degrees Fahrenheit. The Center hands out big blue coats to all, which, reporter Debra Alfarone says is a must wear. There are rooms and rooms of sculptures and ice slides.

The sculptures -- weighing a total 2 million pounds -- took 30 days to carve and 34 artisans from Harbing, China were brought in to do the work.

The tallest slide is two stories and the exhibit is open through Jan. 5.

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