WASHINGTON (WUSA9) ---TheGive Joy Campaign was a massive success atour stationforhelping local kids in need.

One area woman and her familygot inspired to donate a holiday gift tradition tothe campaign.

Kathy Jackson grew up getting pajamas every Christmas Eve. It's a tradition she has carried onwith the start of herown family. Jackson is a mom of three adoptedsons from foster care. She said herchildrendidnot own pajamas when she first met them.

"My oldest son had never had a new set. I just remembered how excited he got when he got his first pair," she said.

What began as a point of joy turned into a source of strength and healing for Jackson, when she was diagnosed with leukemia. She spent monthsin the hospital undergoing a bone marrow transplant.

"All I could wear for 12 weeks was pajamas and friends sent me all kinds."

Jackson was touched by her friends' pajama gifts. After her recoveryshe decidedher boys wouldjoin in to create a pajama donation during Christmas time for children in foster care.

"I wanted to get them back on focusing on being grateful and remembering other people weren't as lucky as they were," she said.

Three years ago theDC Holiday Pajama Drivelaunched.Through mostly word-of-mouth and a Facebook page, people from all over the country mailed in pajamas.

This year they have received nearly 1,500 pairs from as far away as Alaska, Hawaii andeven Australia.

Jacksonsaw our broadcast on the Give Joy campaign for local homeless and low-income families.

"I started thinking that kids in shelters and families in shelters are just in much need as kids in foster care...It's right in line with what we wanted to do," she said.

Jacksondonated 150 new pairs of pajamas to the campaign. The pajamas will be given to local childrenin needwithin theVolunteers of America programs.

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