WASHINGTON (WUSA9) - That DC cop accused of pimping out children?Turns out an anonymous caller complained to Internal Affairs about Linwood Barnhill running a prostitution ring two years ago.

But he wasn't busted until this month, when police found a runaway girl in his apartment who alleges he was advertising her for prostitution.

DC police spokeswoman Gwendolyn Crump says Internal Affairs immediately started investigating that tip two years ago that Officer Barnhill was pimping women out of his apartment.

But Internal Affairs Agent Jeffrey Williams testified in court Wednesday that it took ten months to set up surveillance on his home -- and at that point investigators failed to find anything.

Barnhill's lawyer tried unsuccessfully to get him out of jail during a hearing at Superior Court.The judge called Barnhill a "rogue cop," "a flight risk," and "a danger to the community." He ordered him held without bond.

The prosecutor pointed out issues with the cop going back years.An anonymous caller on May 17, 2011 said the officer was smoking weed and running prostitutes out of his apartment on Stanton Road Southeast...

Then on December 18, 2012, he accidentally shot himself with his service weapon in his own bedroom.

Finally this month, investigators arrested the cop, who has now been on the force for nearly a quarter century, after finding a 16 year old runaway inside.She said he was advertising her for prostitution on Backpage.com, and planning to split the proceeds, 60 bucks for her, 20 for him.

Barnhill's also charged with pimping out a 15 year old he met at a bus stop.And now police say they've found naked pictures connected to him of another teenager. They're still trying to find her.

Barnhill is part of the police class of 1989, when DC police lowered standards to quickly hire almost 1,500 officers.MPD has struggled for years with some of those officers.

But it's still unclear how Barnhill, with three sustained complaints against him, remained on the force until the police officer ended up in jail.

The next hearing for Officer Barnhill is now set for January 28.Investigators continue their work, looking for more victims and potentially more suspects too.

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