WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA9) -- D.C. councilmembers are demanding stepped up security at recreation facilities across the city after allegations of several sex assaults at a city pool.

The multi-million dollar Wilson Aquatic Center is a shining symbol of D.C.'s new found prosperity, but somehow a former manager and a lifeguard were allegedly able to use it as their own after hours party pad.

Three women, two of them teens, now allege they were sexually assaulted at late-night parties at the pool.

"What have you done about this incident? Who knew or should have known about what was going on?" Councilmember Mary Cheh asked acting director Sharia Shanklin at an emergency hearing on the assaults. "We convened a meeting of all facilities managers," Shanklin responded, which left Cheh far from satisfied. "So what we need is more alarming circumstances? This is really troubling to me."

After one of the parties, the culprits allegedly left the doors to the $35 million facility unlocked for days. Anyone could have walked in and fallen into the pool. The facility is electronically monitored, yet somehow no one noticed until the pool reopened on a Tuesday.

"You have this $35 million facility that's currently being managed by a bunch of 21 year olds who haven't been to college. That's scandalous," complained pool patron Charles Meade in his testimony to the committee.

Cheh pointed out a D.C. Inspector General's report that suggested Parks and Rec workers are using drugs and alcohol while on duty. "Supervisors and managers were failing to report activity to protect employees jobs."

"How is it possible you didn't know about the IG's report?" I asked director Shanklin. "I will have to look at that," she answered.

Shanklin is promising to get back to Cheh by Christmas Day on security measures to prevent employees from staging similar late night parties at other pools and rec buildings.