WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- We've put together some of our top stories from 2013.

Click through these photos, listed in no particular order, to see which stories made the list. You can click the links below to read all of the original stories.

1.Woman attacks WUSA9 crew

Reporter Bruce Johnson and photographer Danielle Gillwere covering a reported home invasion when a woman sprayed mace at them, shouted profanities and attacked them.

2. Fake White House Invitations

Can you tell the difference between White House invitations crafted by a quarter-million dollar calligraphy staff and the fake one we made using our station computer and printer for pocket change?

3. Navy Yard Shooting

A gunman opened fire in the Navy Yard, killing 12 people in another mass shooting that shook the nation. The shooter, identified asAaron Alexis was killed in a shootout with D.C. police.

4. 50th Anniversary of March on Washington

Thousands of people gathered in D.C. to commemorate the historic March on Washington.August 28 marked 50 years after Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. delivered his iconic "I Have a Dream" speech from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial.

5. Woman killed in Capitol Hill car chase

A woman tried to drive through the barricade near the White House and the Capitol, before she was shot and killed by law enforcement. A child was in the car when the woman tried to ram into a gate of the White House.

6.Montgomery Mall parking deck collapse

A parking deck collapse at Montgomery Mall left one person dead and another critically injured.A massive portion of a deck fell, trapping two men underneath a 55,000-pound slab of concrete and steel.

7. Two sisters reunited through sports

For 17 years, two sisters lived in the same city, played some of the same sports, but never crossed paths. They reunited at a track meet in D.C.

8. Bull sharks in Potomac River

Two bull sharks were found in the Potomac River in St. Mary's County.Fishermen caught the sharks, which they say were captured in a pound net 200 yards from the swim area at Point Lookout State Park.

9. Two million bikers to D.C.

Fueled by patriotism and anger at being denied a parade permit to counter a small Muslim-American demonstration at the National Mall, an estimated 10,000 motorcyclists circumnavigated the Outer Loop of the Capital Beltway in a commemoration of the September 11th attacks.

10. Frager's Hardware Store fire

A four-alarm fire gutted the D.C. landmark in June.Firefighters from all over the District were called out to battle one of the worst blazes we have seen in D.C. for a long time.

11. Is Russ Ptacek D.C.'s Hottest Bachelor?

Our very ownRuss Ptacek was in the running for Inside Edition's "DC's Hottest Bachelor."

12. Lincoln Memorial paint vandalism

A splash of green paint was discovered at the base of the statue of President Lincoln and on the former president's lap in July. WUSA9 teamed up with theNational Park Foundation in the #RespectLincoln campaign.

13. Woman survives Bay Bridge crash

A Maryland woman says was driving across the Bay Bridge, when a crash with a tractor-trailer sent her car off the side of the bridge and into the Chesapeake Bay. She swam to help.

14.Vanessa Pham murder trial

Julio Blanco Garcia, the man who murdered Falls Church college student Vanessa Pham, was sentenced to 49 years behind bars.

15. Mom sends teen to Siberia

A Virginia mother sent her15-year-old daughter to Siberia for behavioral problems. At 17, Sofia is on her own, living in the Siberian hotel where she works.

16. Plane crash into Va. apartment

A pilot and a resident were taken to the hospital after a small plane nosedived into an apartment in Herndon.

17. Prancercise lady visits WUSA9

Prancercise sensationJoanna Rohrback visited WUSA9 before hitting the streets in D.C.

18.Saving Ryan: Addict in treatment

Reporter Andrea McCarren and photojournalist Joe Martin introduced us all to Ryan, a 21 year-old heroin junkie, who struggled with his addiction.

19. Baby panda born at National Zoo

The National Zoo's panda Mei Xiang gave birth to a female cub who was names Bao Bao after online voting. The Giant Panda Cam became a huge hit for people to watch the cub grow.

20. Baby born atL'Enfant Metro

A baby was delivered on the platform at L'Enfant Plaza. Both the mother and baby, names Amir,were fine.

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