BUFFALO, NY (WGRZ) -- Little four-year-old Rosie Miller and her friend, Michelle Clark, are reading a story together.

They share something else as well: one of Michelle's kidneys.

How the two came together is quite a story in itself.

Rosie and her twin sister were born prematurely.

Both had health problems. Rosie was born with extremely small kidneys that never developed.

Scott Brown: "Early on what did the doctors tell you?"

Virginia Miller, Rosie's mom: "Well when we first had her in Rochester, they told us to stop everything and let her go. I took a lot of time, a lot of soul searching and said as long as she didn't give up, I wasn't and we fought from there on out. If we could keep her alive and well with what we were doing until she was big enough for a transplant that's what we would go for.

Rosie's mom, Virginia, had watched a story 2 On Your Side had done about about a local man, Greg Emminger of North Tonawanda, who donated one of his kidneys to a stranger, a woman from Florida that he met through a website called the Kidney Connection where people in need of kidneys can post their profiles.

After seeing our story, Virginia put Rosie's profile on the Kidney Connection website.