WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- WMATA is taking heat after a campaign ad recently launched has been called "sexist" by many commuters.

The ads which depict friends talking to each other about rail and bus upgrades are meant to highlight the improvements throughout Metro's systems.

Instead, some say they are demeaning especially the ads that depict women.

The posters which hang prominently at train stations show a pair of women talking to each other through the use of thought bubbles. There are 7 different variations of the posters and many women we spoke to say the ads are "sexist" and "demeaning" to women.

The ads show women responding to information about Metro upgrades with thought bubbles that say , "What?", "I have no idea what you just said", and "Can't we just talk about shoes?"

There are ads that depict men in the same kind of interaction responding with quotes like " Dude, it's just a bus", and "Can't we just talk about sports?"

However, the controversy seems to be rooted in the posters that depict the women, not the men.

Metro issues this response:

"The point is to get people talking about Metro's massive rebuilding effort by juxtaposing technical facts with a variety of light responses in conversation between friends."

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