WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray refused to go into more detail about his 2010 campaign during a press conference on Tuesday.

D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray touted economic development projects from atop City Market on Tuesday morning. The Gray administration says more than 17,000 jobs have been created by new development. It also says $281 million in new tax revenue has been generated due to the development.

In a written statement, Gray said, "We recognized the need for a strategic roadmap to guide the economic development of the District of Columbia in order to create an environment in which businesses can grow and thrive. But it is not enough to simply have a plan; you must also implement it. And I am proud to say that, just one year into this five-year plan, we have accomplished many of the goals we set out to achieve."

Gray is seeking another term in office. Hepicked up nomination papers on Monday. He will need 2,000 signatures to get his name on the ballot for the mayoral race.

The press conferencegot heated when we tried to get the mayor to talk about the 2010 campaign, which wasthe focus of a federal investigation and resulted in four peoplepleading guilty felonies. He refused to go into detail about his claims that he's done nothing wrong.

WUSA 9's Bruce Johnson: "The other candidates who came into it specifically because of 2010. Can you go any further other than saying you did nothing wrong? Can you tell us when you found out?"

Mayor Vincent Gray:"I have said that repeatedly, Bruce. People get on a campaign because they want to. People wanted to get on the campaign because they want to be the mayor of the District of Columbia. The people who like the title. They ought to articulate a vision for the District of Columbia. That is what people want to hear. We have a vision. We had a vision. We articulated a vision. We worked at that vision and we will continue to work at that vision. I think others thers who would aspire to be in this job -- wait a minute, Bruce -- would aspire to be in this job should do exactly the same thing and that is where is the city going to go because if they're successful, then they will be in the job. They have an obligation to say 'this is whereI want to take the city."

Johnson: "Can Iaskif you're willing to go further than what you already said?"

Gray: "I've said what I've said. I've said it repeatedly, and there's no end to that.I want to talk about the future of the District of Columbia."

Johnson: "You don't plan tosay anything more about 2010?"

Gray:"I think I've said a lot already."

In that2010 campaign,there werea number of irregularities regarding money. More than $600,000werekeptoff the books of the campaign and cash paymentswere made toanother candidate to get him to stay in the race. Several people have already pleaded guilty to felonies.

The U.S. attorney says the probe continues. He has never accused the mayor of any wrongdoing. The mayor has steadfastly said he's done nothing wrong but he won't go any further than that.

Anumber of the candidates, four council members among them, probably wouldn't be in this race if not for the 2010 campaign. Muriel bowser of Ward 4 says it's time to turn the page. Tommy Wells says the mayor ran a corrupt campaign and doesn't deserve a second term.

Theprimary is in April.

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