WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- Roll out the red carpet for our Hot Holiday Toys. Introducing ... the Beatrix Girls! This rock and roll "doll" band of 4 want to take over the music scene.

Ainsley, Lark, Chantal and Brayden each play a different instrument from drums to guitar. If you go online to The Beatrix Girls website you can hear their music and see their videos. They sell for $24.99 each and are best for kids ages 6 and up.

And,for thelittlest mini-me's in the American Girl empire ... you can't miss the Bitty Baby. Bitty Baby dolls come in girls and boys and they are created with 11 different combinations of skin tone, hair and eye color.

Each doll comes with a book and a special wishing star keepsake.

Like the bigger dolls, the Bitty Baby, is an investment. Each doll sells for $80. They are only available in American Girl stores or on theirwebsite.

Written by Lesli Foster
WUSA9 & wusa9.com

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