WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- Samsung's new Gear smart watch commercial makes it seem like the future has arrived.

Consumer Reportschecked out the Samsung Galaxy Gear to see if it delivers.

It does do a lot more than your average watch, like make and answer phone calls, for example.

You can take pictures with the Gear with just a simple command. But the quality isn't very good. The menus are hard to use the small screen and there's another drawback.

"At $300, it's about twice the price of other smart watches, and it only works with one phone, the Galaxy Note II which is also expensive," says Mike Gikas.

The $150 Pebble smart watch works with many Androids and iPhones.

It alerts you to calls, texts and emails as long as you're in bluetooth range of the phone.

Carol Mangis says, "It's a soundless little vibration, a little buzz. And, then what appears on the watch face is the person who's texting you name and a few lines of the text."

And, while the Pebble doesn't take photos, you can use it to trigger the camera on your phone, so you can take pictures of yourself from across the room.

Mangis thinks the Pebble watch will be especially appealing to women.

"I carry my phone in my pocketbook, and I don't want to have to haul it out every time I hear a buzz or ring or something, and I can just look at my wrist," she says.

You can download other basic apps to your Pebble watch, including fitness apps that will let the watch track how far you run, for example.

And, it's expected that more apps will be developed for the Pebble.

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