MANASSAS, Va. (WUSA9) -- A Prince William County family with ancestors in the area going back centuries is furious as the county schools exhume bodies from a family plot from the 1800's.

Members of the Lynn family just found out about the schools plan to remove the graves to make way for the newest High School.

They rushed to the scene, sneaked in, and took pictures of archaeologists working in the graves. Richard Lynn and his son say they could clearly see coffins in the graves. They call it sacred ground.

The Lynns are outraged the county failed to reach out to them before they started digging. The leader of the excavation says he had no idea until recently that the plot was tied to people still living in the county.

A county schools spokeswoman says the remains are being treated with respect and that plots have been purchased to re-inter the bodies. There are 11 graves, and they include graves for two children and several teenagers. They were marked simply with field stones, as was common in Virginia until about the 1920's.

Prince William County Schools sayre-planning the site design around the graveyard would delay the much needed 12th High School and costhundreds of thousands of dollars, if it is even possible.

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