WASHINGTON, D.C. (WUSA)-- During an interview with Philippines Ambassador to the U.S. Jose l Cuisia described the devastation in the Philippines after Typhoon Haiyan as being a "calamity". He went on to say it was "heartbreaking."

The death toll continues to rise in the Leyte Province of the Philippines which was hardest hit. Some estimates are projecting the death toll will be somewhere around 10-thousand by the time officials are done collecting and counting the bodies.

Ambassador Cuisia said, "I was optimistic, and unfortunately the figures are much much higher. I don't even know if 10-thousand is going to be accurate", about the rising death toll.

International aide has already begun to show up in the storm ravaged nation. U.S. military forces as well as search and rescue first responders locally from Fairfax county have already begun to the difficult task of trying to clean up the damage. We're told roads and access points are being cleared first to try and make way for incoming resources that are arriving.

The survivors needs currently are food, water, and shelter.

Although, international help is arriving there officials from the Philippines say it is still to early to tell how long it will take to get that region of the country up and running again.

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