WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- The holidays are here, and pretty soon we will enter 2014. Most of us like to make New Year's resolutions, only to break them.

Now isthe time to get ready for a "New You" for the New Year.For fitness health goals, like many others,acarefully planned approach is the best way to prepare for your resolution.

Vianesa Vargas, CNofCapital Food Coaching introduces the 45 day prehab.

Vargas says, "At the beginning of the year, you get everybody in the gym for the first 2 weeks. After that, everybody's gone. What happened, there was no focus, there was no goal."

She explains the 5 stages of change that can help round out the New Year plan.

(Note: due to airtime the TV segment blended the firsttwo stages into one to keep the segment tight).

  • Pre-contemplation

"Where it is 'Okay, i've done a New Year's resolution before.'"

  • Contemplation

"At that stage the person says, 'Okay you know what, I think i'm ready to change."

  • Preparation

"Now they say, 'Okay, i'm gonna take in these little tiny steps and i'm gonna go through and make it happen.'"

This stage is important, because a structured, specific plan is the best way to reach your goals.

  • Action

"It's all about, 'Okay,now I am making the changes. I'm in the gym or now eating healthier. I'm making my meals at home or not stressing so much at work."

  • Maintainance

"We love to see people where for 6 months you've been making a solid change. If that change is weight loss maybe you can look at doing something else," says Vargas.

The best time tostart the prehab is actually between Halloween and Thanksgiving. Vargas starts her45-day Prehabon November17th. VisitCapital Food Coaching for more details.

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