Fort Meade, MD (WUSA9)--Family is everything to Staff Sergeant Anthony Nelson.

"Being in the military you're tough right?! But deep down I'm a family guy. I love family," says Nelson.

He also loves his U.S. Air Force career. He's been in for ten years. He's used to being away from home, the frequent moves, deployments and he risks that can come with the job. Lindsey, his wife of four years, is adapting to the military life.

"It is very difficult for her not being in the military or having military experience," says Nelson. "So there's definitely a lot of communication and talking so she can understand I am not doing this to be mean. It's just part of the job."

Holidays can be particularly hard on Lindsey. She has a huge family back in Kansas City, Missouri. Making it back there is not always possible with the demands of Anthony's job. However, the USO's Turkeys for Troops program is a comfort.

"It helps me a lot to know that they are able to give me Thanksgiving basically. And I won't feel down or like I'm missing out on something," says Lindsey. "Puts us in a humble place."

"Just to know that the community cares about us. It's an honor for me to serve the people," says Anthony. "You know when I deploy I know my wife is taken care of. The USO, the community they have her back. It makes the transition and the job a little bit easier."

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