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Severna Park, MD (WUSA9)--We often overlook simple, everyday moments with our families. For members of our armed forces those moments mean everything. Especially over the holiday season.

"Family means everything to us," says Master Sergeant Chyrece Campbell of Severna Park. "It truly is everything to us."

Combined Chyrece and her husband Gregory have served three tours of duty in war zones. They met in Iraq.

"It's really funny because it's nothing like bombs flying to make you fall in love. No sparks in the night sky, right," says Chyrece.

"It wasn't that romantic," says Gregory. "She actually bumped into me at the salad bar at the dining facility.

Gregory has retired from the U.S. Army. Chyrece is still serving our country in the Air Force. Which means duty could call anytime. There could be more holidays away from each other.

"When you sign up, you sign up saying I am going to defend my country. I am going to support and defend my country. Doesn't matter if you have a 4 month old," says Chyrece.

Chyrece's last tour in Iraq was especially rough.

"It was really hard. Seeing body parts,"describes Chyrece. "Seeing body parts and then coming home and seeing my babies. And then thinking, 'Oh my gosh. What if we blew up right now. And I was thinking oh my goodness what if this happened or that happened."

"And it's like my Honey Pie is out in the middle of the combat zone. You just don't know," says Gregory. "There are a whole lot of uncertainties that keep you on edge.

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But the focus is on the now for the Campbells. Especially family. They have five children with a sixth on the way. They feel incredibly blessed they will be together this holiday season. They are also thankful total strangers are willing to donate money so their family can have a bountiful table this holiday season.

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"It truly is everything to us," says Chyrece. "Being able to have that love from the USO. To show it to our kids. Like we got all of this from the USO. They helped us get this food, so we can take care of other things."

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