ARLINGTON, Va. (WUSA9) -- With only two days until Virginian's head to the polls to pick a new governor, Democratic candidate Terry McAuliffe is pulling out all the stops.

In recent weeks the Clintons have joined McAuliffe on the campaign trail and today it was President Barak Obama.

It's one of the most closely watched contest in the nation: the governor's race in the Commonwealth of Virginia.

"Good afternoon, Virginia!"

Scandal actress Kerry Washington makes a brief appearance, along with Sen. Mark Warner at Washington-Lee High School in Arlington.

Warner, "In a day and a half we have a chance to elect a governor to take Virginia into the 21st century, my friend Terry McAuliffe."

But the star showing would be President Barak Obama.

"Are you fired up? Are you ready to vote on Tuesday?"

McAuliffe, "We need to make sure Virginia is a leader in higher education."

The two together is just how McAuliffe's opponent likes it.

Outside, a crowd of Cuccinelli supporters protest Obamacare and hone in on the troubled federal healthcare website.

Kathy Meyer, Arlington Voter, "Obamacare is a total failure it will bankrupt America."
Dr. Kevin Cuccinelli, Cuccinelli's brother, "I'm obviously supporting my brother's race for governor. As a physician, the Obamacare issues are particulary in front of my mind."

Political analysts say this midterm governor's race will come down to voter turnout, women voters, and voters in Northern Virginia.

Pam Casey, Arlington Voter, "he's going to invest in education and turn Virginia to a new direction giving women access to healthcare and possibly same sex marriage. It's an exciting time for Virginia.

Virginia Voter, "I'm at George Mason and I definitely support everything they said about education, that's why I came out."

In the final days before people head to the polls the race is tight with McAuliffe showing a slight edge over Cuccinelli.

Democrats have continued to throw punches at Republican Ken Cuccinelli's position on women's health issues and abortion.

Virginia has traditionally been a red state in the past, but has turned purple in the last decade voting Mr. Obama in the last two elections.

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