ARLINGTON, Va. (WUSA9) -- Friday's airport shooting raises questions about airport security and if Transportation Security Administration worker should be armed.

TSA workers at Reagan National are seen wearing a black band over their badge in memory of 39-year-old Gerardo Hernandez. A shooter killed him and injured two of his colleagues at the Los Angeles International Airport.

The roughly 56,000 TSA employees do not carry weapons and do not make arrests.

Travelers we talked with have mixed feeling about arming TSA workers.

Charles Tewksbury, a traveler said, "I didn't think pilots should be armed but I'm glad they are. I was against it at first. I think these guys should be too."

Sophie Milam, another traveler said, "I don't think we should get into a situation where we are arming people in public places."
Traveler, "it's cost prohibitive."

"Most high profiled European airports suffered ground attacks, I can name them, Munich, Zurich, Rome, Vienna, Paris all suffered ground attacks."

Rafi Ron is the CEO of New Age Security Solutions and the former director at Tel Aviv Airport. He is a leading global aviation security expert who says arming TSA would be a mistake.

"TSA personnel are not selected according to their capability to carry arms, and we have to keep in mind that if that has to be used that weapon would have to be used in a crowded area. So we are expecting that person carrying a weapon to be extremely well skilled."

One traveler tells WUSA9, "There should be other law enforcement who could respond to incidents at the airport."

Ron agrees, the burden to secure ground aviation should fall on police officers.

"If there was a dedicated person carrying a firearm who is formerly trained, among other training with behavior-detection techniques we would've been in a much better position."

Ron says TSA officers are trained to keep our aircraft secure and ground security falls primarily on police officers. After what happened at LAX, Ron says security will have to improve across airports across the country.

He says airports need to increase police officers and improve on specialized training at our nation's airports.

"We can't afford to have a single person with a gun stopping an airport, like LAX for half the day or more and costing millions of damages."

USA Today reports the shooter had 150 rounds of ammunition.

Investigators recovered a rambling note from a bag the shooter allegedly carried into the airport, detailing an intent to kill TSA officers.

The TSA union leader told USA Today that TSA officers aren't asking to carry firearms, but says they would like to be able to arrest suspects.

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