FAIRFAX, Va. (WUSA*9) -- Ken Cuccinelli can tell you, down to the minute, how much time is left before Virginia voters punch the ballots in the gubernatorial race.

"We have three days and 38 minutes until the polls close," the republican told a crowd of supporters in Fairfax Saturday. Although, by now, it's even closer than that.

With time running out, the race, which has mostly seen Democratic opponent Terry McAuliffe in the driver's seat, has tightened.

"Things feel really good right now - a lot of enthusiasm about pushing back on Obamacare," said Cuccinelli, who has spent the last three years as Virginia's Attorney General.

It has often been a fierce, and what some would characterize as a negatively-fueled, race that republicans hope will swing on the recent missteps with the Affordable Care Act.

"The president is coming to celebrate Obamacare. We're going to celebrate, right?" a sarcastic Bob Ehrlich asked the Fairfax crowd on Saturday before handing the microphone over to Cuccinelli.

Ehrlich, the former republican Maryland Governor, made reference to President Obama in light of his schedule appearance in Arlington Sunday to support McAuliffe.

Ehrlich played the Obamacare card heavily.

"We're going to celebrate dysfunction and dependence and high taxes?" continued Ehrlich, again, drowning his question in sarcasm which only seemed to further delight and energize supporters.

Steve Schaaf is one of those Cuccinelli supporters.

"I almost wish the election would go off another week because the folks are finally seeing the destructive nature of this terrible law," he said, referring to the healthcare overhaul.

"It's impacting an enormous amount of people negatively. There's very little upside to this," added Cuccinelli, while making sure to tie McAuliffe to the issue.

"He's hiding because he doesn't want to be asked about Obamacare."

McAuliffe was actually campaigning with Senator Tim Kaine, a former Virginia Governor himself.

But "hiding" is one thing that neither candidate will likely be doing in the coming days as they continue stumping and reminding voters that, as tight as this race has become, it will likely come down to one thing: turnout.

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