WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- In the wake of Friday's deadly shooting at LAX, and with the holiday travel season almost here, you may be wondering how safe are we?

LAX is one of the busiest airports in the country, that means hundreds of extra eyes, so how was it that a man walking with an assault rifle hidden in a bag entered Terminal 3 and opened fire, aiming at the people whose very job it is to make sure no weapons enter the secure area of the airport.

I asked Law enforcement expert Ed Clark if we are safe. He said, "I think we are, but when we're in any large public venue where you have thousands of people come, we can't always identify the motive for people who are on a pathway of targeted violence in advance."

Hindsight being 20-20, maybe someone in 23-year-old TSA-targeting gunman Paul Ciancia's life could have seen something and said something. And apart from any one of the hundreds of travelers at LAX noticing something suspicious, how can we ensure we're safe when we go to fly?

I posed that question to aviation security expert Capt. Mark Weiss, Civil Aviation Team Lead for the Spectrum Group, "They have multiple police agencies, multiple law enforcement agencies on a federal level that work there and they practice events and scenarios like this on a regular basis. " Weiss saysairport security is trained to take down terrorists to lone wolf shooters. That's why we saw the huge evacuation of several terminals, not just Terminal 3 where chaos started.

Police say gunman Paul Ciancia walked into Terminal 3, targeted unarmed TSA workers there, then moved into the terminal where police sprang into action and shot him near the food area.

Clark points out, "It was LAPD officers as well as the airport authority police were there. They immediately engaged the threat and used necessary force to neutralize the threat."

I asked Weiss if he thinks we will see changes to existing security policies, "If there are you may not see them. There are going to be changes going forward every time you have an event, every time you have an incident, it's examined, its analyzed, it's scrutinized completely."

I spoke to the TSA earlier and they said locally, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA) police are armed and they patrol both Dulles and DCA. Both Weiss and Clark say the best way to be safe is to keep our eyes open and report anything out of the ordinary to police.

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