(WUSA9)---You can expect that the overflow of sweets and candy to continue even with the Halloween festivities coming to an end. It will be quite difficult for candy lovers to avoid the Halloween left overs for at least the next month!

Today the noon newscast welcomed Doctor Alex Naini from Aesthetic Dental Spa to share some useful tips that will help all candy junkies avoid those dreadful cavities.

Doctor Naini insisted that it is better to not eat candy all day long, but rather just in one sitting. It also helps to drink water, floss and brush right after eating the candy as well. Lastly, she suggested eating the candy with food or chewing fat free gum for at least twenty minutes afterwards.

Doctor Alex Naini also discussed some donation ideasfor those who usually throw candy leftovers away. Most local dentists are now accepting donated candy to send care packages overseas to our troops or you can swap your sweets for books or toys! Watch the interview above.

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