WOODBRIDGE, Va. (WUSA9) -- A mother earlier this week told us that she fired a shot into the air after a confrontation with a group of teens in which she feared for her daughter. The daughter later disappeared. Now, police have released a "clarification" about the confrontation and the subsequent arrest.

Lakisha Gaither told us that she sent her 15-year-old daughter, Brianna Stewart, to her grandmother's house in Fairfax after a violent confrontation with a group of teenagers at their Woodbridge neighborhood.

On Saturday, Gaither told us she had a talk with another girl's mother after the girl had a dispute with Briana. Then, according to Gaither, a mob of teenagers turned on her daughter.

"It was one particular person that was yelling at her. The others were instigating it telling that one to hit her," stated Gaither.

Lakisha Gaither owns a gun and open carries in Virginia, which is legal, when shetold us she saw a young man attacking her daughter.She fired a gunshot in the air to protect her daughter, said Gaither.

Prince William County Police now say that Brianna Stewart "had been involved in an ongoing verbal dispute over rumors with another neighborhood juvenile, a 15 year old boy." According to police, Gaither and Brianna went to confront the boy. Police say Gaither found the boy near his home and there was an encounter that turned physical between the boy and Briana. Then, police say, Gaither took out her handgun and fired a round into the air.

Police tell us that Brianna and the boy each claimed the other had punched them first, but that there were no reported injuries from the alleged assault.

Gaither was charged with reckless handling of a firearm, say police. Police also released Gaither's mug shot.

Briana is still missing.

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