LANDOVER, Md. (WUSA9) -- Ray Raysor, the blind man that was evicted earlier this week from his Village Green Co-op home in Landover, is getting a much needed helping hand.

A WUSA9 viewer who wishes to remain anonymous tells us she saw the original story we aired about Mr. Raysor's eviction earlier in the week. She says it impacted her and she wanted to do something about it. Now she is offering to pay his back rent and the difference in payments for the next year to make sure they get back in their home.

The kindhearted WUSA9 viewer said, "Here in the United States of America there can sometimes be a me culture, and we have to recognize it's not all about me. It's about all of us together helping one another."

It was a court order that landed the Raysors out of their home and it will take another one to get them back in. However, in the meantime, our viewer plans on helping the family out with anything they need.

Ray Raysor was overwhelmed by the woman's offer and said, "There are angels, and I would consider this lady got to be an angel to have the heart to reach to a stranger such as me and my wife and my family and my seeing eye dog over here Mr. Rayteeko. So I think it's a wonderful thing."

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