WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- With family gatherings and office parties, the upcoming holiday season is not an easy time to stay fit.

So we asked Laurent Amzallag, the creator of YaLa Fitness for 5 tips to get ready for the holiday festivities.

Laurent says, "When do you want to look good?Now, right? Not in a year from now? So start now, it's gonna be much easier."

YaLa fitnesstip #1 -- Do something you enjoy

Laurent says, "When you enjoy something, you stick with it. So if you like dancing, just go crazy and have some fun. Pop in your favorite CD and just dance the night away."

YaLa fitnesstip #2 -- Friends don't let friends work out alone.

Grab a family member or friend. A team effort is much more effective and fun than working out on your own.

YaLa fitness tip #3 -- Never go to a party hungry.

Laurent says, "You are what you eat. Halloween is right around the corner. Never go to a party hungry.I know it's crazy to say, but neve go to a party hungry.Eat before you go."

You will always make better food choices if you eat healthy before a holiday party.

YaLa fitness tip $4 -- Don't focus on the celebs.

Laurent says, "Forget the magazines. They can afford working out all day.All I want you to do is concentrate on 30 minutes a day.

YaLa fitness tip 5 -- Take it slow.

Enjoy the journey.Just make little changes, be consistent, and I promise you, you'll get the results you're looking for.

Laurent is hosting a specialYaLa workout inspired by Michael Jackson's Thriller at the Sports Club LA in Foggy Bottom on October 26th. It starts at 8:30pm, including a live DJ, costume prizes, and an after party.

For ticket info, check http://yalafitness.com/

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