WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Now that the Smithsonian is open, the world's first bionic man is on display at the Air and Space Museum.

It can walk, talk, grasp, see, hear. The possibilities are endless.

The Smithsonian Channel, whose parent company is CBS will air a documentary about the 6-foot robot Sunday night.

Meet Frank, the Incredible Bionic Man:He's a bit awkward at walking but he mirrors what happens in the human body.

Bertolt Meyer says, "He has an artificial pancreas and through his tubes flows artificial blood made up of nano parts that can bind and give off oxygen."

It seems futuristic but some of the technology is being used in humans today.

"Artificial and implantable trachea, an early artificial and implantable lung, an artificial and implantable heart. It is not a prototype, it's been used all over the world. This technology has the potential of overcoming a lot of disabilities and disease."

For instance a small video camera mounted on the glasses can one day help the blind."The image that picks up is transmitted in a chip that sits in the back of the eye in someone who's blind and restores a sense of vision."

Cheryl Hunter, a Minnesota resident says, "It's more than I would have ever expected in my lifetime to see something like that."

Frank is modeled after Bertolt Meyer who was born without his left hand.

"I have the same bionic hand as his face is modeled after mine and that has created a bond between us. I still find it awkward to see his face and when I saw it for the first time I freaked out and ran out of the room."

Bringing a bionic man into the world, creates ethical questions.
Meyer says, "Would people elect to replace healthy limbs with bionic ones? These are questions we raise in the documentary."

Most of the bionic parts are prototypes and far from being implemented in every day surgeries but it could be a window into our future.

Watch the Incredible Bionic Man documentary on the Smithsonian Channel on Sunday at 9pm. And see the Bionic Man in person at the Air and Space Museum through December 11th, 2013.

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