Here's good news for fans of Pixar, holiday specials or theToy Storymovies - which, combined, sweeps in almost everybody. For its first-ever TV special, Pixar has come up with aToy Storyspinoff with this Halloween-themed outing that finds the characters on a road trip that turns spooky. Many of your favorites return, as do their star voices, led by Tom Hanks and Tim Allen.

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Burton and Taylor|BBC America, 9 ET/PT

Most film biographies of movie stars fail for the same fairly obvious reason: The actors cast are unable to capture the magic of the stars at their heights. (See: Lindsay Lohan inLiz & Dick.) This latest attempt to film the love affair between Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton has a way around that dilemma - the story is centered on their way-past-peak 1982 Broadway reunion inPrivate Lives. Dominic West is Dick; Helena Bonham Carter is Liz in this British production.

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit|NBC, 9 ET/PT

One of longest and oddest runs for a TV character comes to a temporary halt tonight - at least as a regular - as Richard Belzer's Sergeant Munch retires from the unit. Since he created the character onHomicide: Life on the Streetin 1993, Belzer has played Munch onThe X-Files, Law & Order, The Beat, Law & Order: Trial by Jury, The Wire, 30 Rock, Arrested Developmentand, of course,SVU.Odds are there's more in store.

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