FAIRFAX, Va. (WUSA9) -- When most of us think of nose jobs, we think about improving our look on the outside. But it may be the inside of the face that can benefit the most.

Rhinoplasty is becoming more popular as away to improve breathing. The procedure is commonly used to improve the cosmetic look of the nose.

Ari Anderson of Fairfax became used to having a broken nose. Heplayed soccer as a goalie and he tookquite a few hits to the face. He learned to deal with it while he continued his love for outdoor sports. But, over time his athletic performance took a hit.

Anderson says, "As I got older, I did have problems breathing. The thing that really got to me was, I also have allergies."

In addition, he had a partially blocked airway in his nose. So Ari saw Dr. George Bitar ofBitar Cosmetic Surgery Institutein Fairfax.

Dr. Bitar says, "He had a very crooked nose, more so than most. It was almost at a 45-degree angle to the face."

He decided to perform a rhinoplasty

"Improve the hump, straighten the nose, take some of the cartilage out from inside of the nose and increase the airway passage so that more air can go in," says Dr. Bitar.

For Ari, it's back to mountain biking, and he doesn't suffer as much during allergy season.

Anderson says, "I go mountain biking, and I really don't have to gasp for air as much as I did before because I can breathe through my nose in addition to my mouth."

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