WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Former Virginia Governor Doug Wilder, the nation's first elected black governor, has endorsed McAuliffe.

The Democrat doesn't always endorse democrats. Wilder says he's picking McAuliffe because he's the most inclusive and forward-looking of the candidates.

Political analyst Larry Sabato tells WUSA9 that Governor Wilder is very good at endorsing the winner.

"Governor Wilder always has a list of things he wants from the Governor. And you can't get anything if you endorse the loser," said Sabato.

A negative story did come out about McAuliffe on Thursday.

Documents in a federal fraud case list McAuliffe among scores investors with Rhode Island estate planner Joseph Caramadre, who pleaded guilty to wire fraud and conspiracy last year. Caramadre allegedly stole the identities of terminally ill people and profited from their death benefits.

There is no evidence that McAuliffe knew of efforts to defraud the terminally ill. And Larry Sabato belives the story will have little impact on the race.

"The truth is, he's had a number of questionable business deals and I think people have processed that information. It's one reason why his unfavorable are as high as his favorable," said Sabato referring the polls of likely voters.

But the numbers for likely voters who dislike Cuccinelli are even higher.

"Ken Cuccinelli never understood that his positions on social issues probably fit Virginia 30 years ago. They no longer fit a highly-competitive purple state that even has a little bluish Democratic tinge to it," said Sabato.

He says McAuliffe doesn't even have to get 50 percent of the vote to win because Libertarian Robert Sarvis is polling between 7 and 12 points, pulling votes away from Cuccinelli.

"It's a process of elimination election and essentially, most Virginians have elminiated Ken Cuccinelli because they believe he's too far to the right. And, the Republicans in Congress have stuck a very big knife in Cuccinelli's back with the government shutdown. Whatever small chance he had to win, is probably gone thanks to the Republicans in Congress," said Sabato.

Sabato says the only things that could disrupt the a McAuliffe win would be if some gigantic scandal erupts about him, or if he makes a disastrous mistake in the third and final debate at Virginia Tech on October 24th.

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