WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- During his monologue on The Late Show, David Lettermantook a shot atCongress membersin regards to the shutdown and the Washington Redskins concerning the debate over the team's name.

About 2 minutes and 19 seconds into his monologue, Letterman started talking about the federal government shutdown. He joked that due to the shutdown the leaves wouldn't be changing color. He made a few remarks about how lawmakers are still getting paid during the shutdown, and showed what Congress members were doing... by rolling a clip ofseveral Congress members talking about ice cream.

"...are you like me? Are you beginning to miss the days when we were ruled by a mad English king?" Letterman asked the audience.

After a pause for reaction, Lettermanwent on to say, "They say now that it's the Republicans that have caused the shutdown... or as they're also known the Washington Whiteskins."

See theclip for yourself here:

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