WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- A revelation about the health of one of Hollywood's hottest actors Monday night.

Tom Hanks reveals on the David Letterman Show that he has type 2 diabetes while promoting his new movie, Captain Phillips. Dr. Scott Vejcik of Inova Medical Group talks to WUSA9's Jan Jeffcoat about factors and symptoms of type 2 diabetes.

Q: There are some reports out tonight that Hanks' weight fluctuations or various roles may have been a factor in his diagnosis? How is that possible?

Dr. Vejcik: Well there is really no evidence that rapid weight loss can cause diabetes, as a matter of fact it might reduce it or it could cure it. But weight gain and weight fluxuation in general, those are certainly known risk factors.

Q: Are there any symptoms?

Dr. Vejcik: There are few symptoms, unfortunately it's a fairly nondescript disease. In the since that it can affect everything but you don't always have specific symptoms that really clearly show it. You need to talk to your doctor whenever you have problems associated with weight changes, increase in thirst or appetite, when you are have some sort of vision changes, your vision is getting blurry...

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