WASHINGTON, DC (WUSA) -- You've got problems, and we are getting you solutions.

OurWUSA 9 Call For Action team is hard at work helping to solve your consumer issues.

Sahib in D.C. says Verizon repeatedly billed her for Internet service even after she canceled it. When she couldn't get the telecommunications company to stop, she reached out to Call For Action for help. Verizon reimbursed her $100 within two weeks once our team contacted them.

Vienna, Virginia resident William signed up for some classes in project management. But, the courses were canceled because the owner told him there just wasn't enough interest. Well, you can imagine, William wanted his money back, but says he kept getting the runaround. It took nine weeks, but Call For Action stepped in and got his $495 back.

And, Elizabeth in Bethesda, Maryland received a $50 parking ticket in front of her home, even though she had a current parking permit. So, she took a picture of the citation and the permit and sent them to the county enforcement agency. A few weeks later, she received a notice that the parking ticket was outstanding and was hit with an additional $25. She contacted our Call For Action team and the ticket and fines were dismissed, case closed.

We want to solve your problems, too. Contact our WUSA 9 Call for Action team. You can file a complaint online 24 hours a day on our website, just click on the WUSA 9 Call For Action link.

Or call our hotline at 301-652-HELP.

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