TAKOMA PARK, Md. (WUSA9) -- Takoma Park Police released information about a protest after concerns about whether a permit was needed or not.

A message released by the police spokesperson read:

"There has been a recent inquiry about whether a permit is required to conduct a demonstration. A permit is not needed to conduct a demonstration. Permits are required to close a particular street or engage in a parade. On October 1, there were approximately 70-100 demonstrators, most of whom were disabled and operating wheel chairs and electric scooters, at the Takoma Metro stop. They began marching into the City with a destination of Tom Perez' home. The group, ADAPT, is an activist group that staged several demonstrations in the District this week, as well as several months prior. They are an affiliate group of the Occupy Movement.

"They set up in front of the Secretary of Labor's home. Since this block is very isolated, they were contained to a very small area and had minimal impact to travelers. Many were "professional" demonstrators and/or activists. The demonstration ended peacefully and they were then escorted out of the City.

There was no advance warning that they would be demonstrating.
National news did arrive on the scene and again, other than airing their grievances, there was no real media event. The neighborhood was very patient. The Takoma Park Police were able to convince the organizers that they needed to get back to Metro and that the residential community had children who had to be in school the next day and they agreed to leave earlier than they had anticipated."

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