WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- DC Animal Control officials have received reports of a mountain lion sighting.

The mountain lion was reportedly seen in Northeast near the new Costco. The Costco is located in the 2400block ofMarket St NE.

Animal Control could not confirm the sighting.

If you come face to face with a mountain lion, here's what to do, courtesy of www.mountainlion.org:

If you do see a mountain lion, no matter how thrilled you are to be one of the very few who gets such an opportunity, stay well back, and take the encounter seriously.

Make yourself appear as large as possible.

  • Make yourself appear larger by picking up your children, leashing pets in, and standing close to other adults. Open your jacket. Raise your arms. Wave your raised arms slowly.

Make noise.

  • Yell, shout, bang your walking stick against a tree. Make any loud sound that cannot be confused by the lion as the sound of prey. Speak slowly, firmly and loudly to disrupt and discourage predatory behavior.

Act like a predator yourself.

  • Maintain eye contact. Never run past or from a mountain lion. Never bend over or crouch down. Aggressively wave your raised arms, throw stones or branches, all without turning away.

Slowly create distance.

  • Assess the situation. Consider whether you may be between the lion and its kittens, or between the lion and its prey or cache. Back slowly to a spot that gives the mountain lion a path to get away, never turning away from the animal. Give a mountain lions the time and ability to move away.

Protect yourself.

  • If attacked, fight back. Protect your neck and throat. People have utilized rocks, jackets, garden tools, tree branches, walking sticks, fanny packs and even bare hands to turn away cougars.

Shortly after the confirmation, a public works safety alert warned of "massive numbers of deers crossing all streets in Penn Branch."

According to the alert, deer "have been spotted in groups of 3- 8 on the following streets:

--- O Street, 3200 block

--- 38th Street, 1600-1700 blocks

--- Carpenter Street, 3700-3800 blocks

--- Highwood Place

--- Highwood Drive, 3200-3600 blocks"

Authorities say the deer usually appear from early dusk to sunrise. They cross streets to graze on grass, eat flowers, and nibble on trees and acorns.

Authorities are asking drivers to be cautious in the area. "Please do not put out food for them, since this will encourage them to return to your block in larger numbers. Just secure your backyard gates and sprinkle non-toxic products like 'Deer Away,' which you can obtain at any hardware store," advise authorities in the alert.

They also ask that you not allow your pets to chase the deer because a male deer, or a buck, can "stomp and possibly kill your pet."

In addition to deer, authorities asked residents to look out for red foxes, possums and other animals. They ask that you report seeing these animal to Animal Control at 311.

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