WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- Latelast night the House failed to pass three separate funding bills which would have re-opened some government agencies.

The Republican controlled house did not get the two-thirds majority needed to pass the bills. Had they passed they would have funded the Department of Veterans Affairs, National Park Service and a portion of the D.C. government.

Despite a passionate plea by D.C. Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton to restore money to D.C., allow the District to use its local money to run the government here, the measure failed because of Democratic opposition. The President and his party says the piecemeal measure amounts to game playing by House Republicans and is in no way a sincere effort to fund and run the government. The White House says even if that bill reached the president's desk, he would have vetoed it.

So who really set the whole shutdown in motion? We're told it was a freshman Republican congressman who was a restaurant owner and Sunday school teacher from western North Carolinaand has only been on the Hill for eight months. Meadows sent Speaker Boehner a letter late in August, urging him to use the threat of a shutdown to defund Obamacare. He got 79 other House Republicans to sign the letter.

We are told, however, that Meadows did not intend to shut down the government and that he was only trying to stop Obamacare and put his constituents first.Meadows said to a television station in his home district, "I believe that I'm representing the will of the people. The overwhelming majority say that they don't want the bad effects of this law to be placed in their laps. And so I'm fighting on their behalf and believe that I'm representing them according to what they elected me to do."

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