WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- At least a few House Republicans are breaking ranks with leadership and urging passage of a spending bill without attacks on ObamaCare.

Three of them are from Virginia.

Scott Rigell and Randy Forbes from Hampton Roads and Frank Wolf from Northern Virginia are among the small group of House Republicans who have given up the fight overnight and now say its time to re-open the government... that fighting ObamaCare this way is a dead end road.

Wolf sent all but two of his aides home... and then took to the media to express his frustration. "I think it's time that they open up the government.... I would vote for a clean continuing resolution. You can fight, but you don't shut down the government."

Wolf fears even with waivers for essential personnel that the shutdown is endangering national security... and he raised the specter of the Nairobi Mall attack. "What if they are planning to do the same thing at a shopping center here.... That one person who is translating that one Somali document has been furloughed for the day."

DC Delegate Eleanor Holmes Norton refuses to send any of her aides home. "I've declared 100% of my staff essential."

But she is willing to consider what she calls some kind of small, face-saving compromise with the GOP. "They are not going to get back the Affordable Care Act, but there must be some other things they want that could be traded."

Even if the GOP caves on ObamaCare in the spending bill, Wolf says the bill still locks in a 10 percent across the board cut in discretionary spending. "The Republicans won the issue on spending levels."

Wolf says he can only speak for himself, he says he has no idea how many other Republican Members of Congress feel the same way.

House leaders are now considering bills to separately fund the National Park Service, veterans' programs, and other government functions that are most visible to the public, while continue to push the Democrats for concessions on ObamaCare in exchange for broader government spending.

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