WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- If you get monthly checks or benefits from the government, then you may be wondering how your bottomline will be affected by the shutdown. Let's run through the big items:

Social Security retirement, disability benefits and applications won't be affected, but Social Security earnings corrections and benefits verifications will be temporarily discontinued.

The government will NOT be able to issue original or replacement Social Security or Medicare cards.

Medicare claims processing and benefits will continue, at least for the short term.

A shutdown won't derail military and veterans' health benefits, but veterans' compensation, pension and education benefits could be affected if a shutdown were to last beyond late October.

One of the biggest budget squabbles is about Obamacare. However, ashutdown has not delayed the October 1 start date for enrollment in the health insurance marketplaces. It starts Monday. The health care marketplaces use funds not affected by the annual budget.

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