WASHINGTON (WUSA9) -- The looming shut down will have a direct effect on D.C.'s local budget which as you know is directly controlled by the federal government.

WUSA9's Ken Molestina spoke to D.C. Councilman Tommy Wells about the district's contingency plan. If this should this happen, and really what it comes down to are major restrictions on services to resident here. For example, street sweeping would have to be canceled and so would trash collections. Libraries would have to close and so would department of transportation as well as the department of consumer and regulatory affairs. Those are considered non-essential employees.

We are also told what would stay open are schools and public health and safety departments like police and fire.

This brings up the age old debate in D.C. Of not being able to control the district's money.

"It's ridiculous that the city is being held hostage to the federal budget. No other city in the country no other city has to go through this...we raise money through our tax dollars like any other state and this is absolutely ridiculous and it should stop," said Wells.

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